1. What is Textured Paint for Pickleball Paddles?

Textured paint, also known as grit or rough paint, is a specialized coating applied to the surface of pickleball paddles to create a rough or tacky texture. This texture enhances the paddle’s ability to grip the ball, providing better control and spin during play .

2. Why Apply Textured Paint?


Improved Grip:

The textured surface offers a better grip on the ball, allowing for more precise shots and control.

Enhanced Spin:

A rougher surface increases the ability to impart spin on the ball, giving players a competitive edge .

Better Control:

The improved grip and spin capabilities result in better control over shots, enhancing overall gameplay.


Textured paint can also add an extra layer of protection to the paddle, increasing its lifespan .

3. Who Should Apply Textured Paint?

Competitive Players:

Those looking to gain an edge in their gameplay through improved spin and control.

Coaches and Trainers:

To customize paddles for training specific skills or to enhance players’ performance .

Pickleball Enthusiasts:

Any player seeking to improve their game with better equipment .

4. When to Apply Textured Paint?

New Paddles:

Applying textured paint to new paddles can immediately enhance their performance characteristics .

Worn Paddles:

For paddles that have lost their original texture, reapplying textured paint can restore their grip and control .

5. Where to Apply Textured Paint?

Paddle Surface:

The paint is applied to the face of the paddle where it contacts the ball. It should cover the entire hitting area to ensure uniform performance.

Workshop or Ventilated Area:

Application should be done in a wellventilated space or a workshop equipped with appropriate safety measures to handle paint fumes .

6. How to Apply Textured Paint?


1. Gather Materials:
  • Fine sandpaper (220 grit or higher)
  • Textured paint (e.g., rubberized paint)
  • Clear epoxy or paddle coating solution
  • Paintbrush or sponge applicator
  • Masking tape
  • Cleaning cloth and isopropyl alcohol
  • Drop cloth or newspaper
2. Prepare the Paddle:

Clean the paddle surface with isopropyl alcohol to remove any dirt or oil.
Mask off areas that should not be painted, such as the handle and edge guard.

3. Sand the Surface:

Lightly sand the paddle surface to ensure better paint adhesion. Clean off any dust from sanding.

4. Apply the Paint:

Mix the paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Use a paintbrush or sponge to apply an even coat of textured paint to the paddle surface.
Allow the first coat to dry before applying additional coats as needed .

5. Dry and Inspect:

Let the paddle dry completely, preferably overnight.
Inspect the surface for even coverage and smooth out any rough spots if necessary.

6. Remove Masking Tape:

Carefully remove the masking tape and clean up any excess paint.

7. How Much Does It Cost?

Materials Cost: The cost of materials (paint, sandpaper, masking tape) can range from $20 to $50 depending on the quality and quantity of products used.
Time Investment: The process can take several hours including drying time, so plan accordingly to ensure the paddle is ready for use.


Applying textured paint to pickleball paddles is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance gameplay by improving grip, control, and spin. By following the detailed steps and understanding the benefits, players can optimize their equipment for better performance on the court.

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