About Mayvoci

About Mayvoci,

Founded by the innovative duo, Ron and Bonnie in 2018, Mayvoci represents a fusion of cutting-edge R&D and heartfelt design in pickleball paddles.

At Mayvoci, we’re passionate about crafting an experience, not just a product. We offer insights into the selection of materials, our craftsmanship, and the journey from concept to final touch. Our tutorials and guides extend beyond manufacturing to include navigating global trade and thriving on platforms like Amazon.

Our collaborative spirit shines in our R&D, with a dedicated team and elite American players continually pushing the envelope to bring novel technologies to the forefront. These innovations aren’t just about staying ahead; they’re about bringing a unique edge to our partners.

Commitment to excellence is our cornerstone, demonstrated through complimentary inspection services and rigorous testing to assure unparalleled quality and safety. Transparency is key—we share detailed reports to foster understanding and trust.

Thank you for entrusting your game to Mayvoci, where warmth and authenticity are at the heart of our business.

Your trust drives our innovation.

Product advantages

The biggest advantage of our pickleball paddle is that they are durable and cost-effective.

Our company invests over $500,000 annually in research and development, leading to many of the technologies currently available on the market. Additionally, we have our own carbon fiber production line, which reduces the cost of raw materials by 20%.

Customers say

As of December 2023, our company has provided services to 266 clients across 22 countries globally. We offer the stability and development capabilities that leading brands require, and we also cater to newcomers in the industry by matching their needs with appropriate quantities and services.

Let’s hear what one of our customers has to say about their experience with us.

Why choose Mayvoci

Instant Resonse

Highly Satisfaction with a fast reply within 24 hours * 365 days. 5 years experienced Sales could communicate with you effectively.

Pre-Sales Service

For newcomers, we provide tailored tutorials on product selection, marketing, website construction, and pricing, aligned with your goals.


Our production is an open book, with the option for you to visually monitor your product’s progress via live video streams at any time.

Quality Control

We employ five dedicated quality control personnel who monitor our production lines around the clock to ensure product excellence.

After-Sales Guarantee

Within 365 days of receiving your product, if any issues arise due to non-human factors, we commit to fully covering all associated losses.

Leading Technology

With us, access world-class technologies crafted to establish industry benchmarks and enhance your operational efficiency.

Customized Services

We offer OEM services tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring you receive precisely what you envision for your products.

Charitable Giving

We commit to donating 1% of your order value to reputable charitable organizations in your name, aiding underprivileged children worldwide.

Purchasing Steps

First, you browse our website and then send an inquiry message on the website. Next, our sales staff will contact you to understand your detailed requirements and provide a quotation. Afterwards, we will send samples for your confirmation. Finally, after confirming the samples, you can place the first order.